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Lady Wildcats win at home against Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars

On a day that seemed to not know what kind of weather it wanted to have, the Lady Wildcats Softball team were able to win 8-1 against the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars at home. Josie Strikous started the Wildcats out strong by bringing in the first RBI of the game in the first inning. Josie never let up after that, with a home run in the third inning she brought the Wildcats up to a 3-0 lead. The Jaguars were not going down without a fight however and, with the help of catcher Taylor Carper, were able to bring in a run in the third inning. This brought the score to 3-1, but that was all that the Jaguars were able to do in terms of offense for the rest of the game.

The rest of the afternoon was all about hot bats coming from the Wildcats dugout. After two straight batters walked, Hadin Kranik was able to hit a three-run home run in the fifth inning, and this brought the score to 6-1. Even with a lead like that the Lady Wildcats were not satisfied with the score and Lauren Weatherton brought in two more runners in the sixth inning making the score 8-1. No more offense after that from the Lady Wildcats, and that left the game to end in the seventh inning with the score Greater Latrobe 8 and the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars 1.

Lady Wildcats Coach Bob Kovalcin is a preacher of fundimentals and good defense. After this game I feel that the Lady Wildcats will be hearing his praises in practice, because good defense won this game. It just helped that Greater Latrobe was hitting the ball into Indiana County. The next game for the Lady Wildcats is Saturday, April 23rd at Ligonier Valley High School starting at 9:00 A.M.. The next Girls Varsity Softball game that will be broadcasted on The Wildcats Network is on Wednesday, April 27th at Graham-Sobota Field starting at 4:00 P.M..

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