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Boys Volleyball close regular season with loss at Hempfield

On April 14th, the Hempfield Spartans traveled to Greater Latrobe to face off with the Wildcats. The Spartans would eventually sweep the Wildcats that day, and on May 12th it seemed to be the same story all over again. The Wildcats would end up dropping three straight sets to the Spartans while at Hempfield. One has to note the positives of the night, because this was a different game in terms of the Wildcats' overall performance.

Communication is key for many scenarios and, at the last match between the Wildcats and Spartans, Greater Latrobe struggled with it. At Hempfield, however, the Wildcats were far more chatty and this allowed them to keep the match far closer than when these teams clashed at Greater Latrobe. The Wildcats were able to corrdinate and operate plays with great success for most of the evening. This, tied with the level of passion they brought to the match, is why the Wildcats scored the first two points of the match. Even after dropping the first two sets the Wildcats held a lead through most of the third set. Yet, the Spartans' undisputable talent allowed them to sweep the Wildcats.

This means that the Spartans end the season with a overall record of 15-1, and head to the playoffs with their heads held high. The Wildcats sit at 8-7 overall and hope to see Hempfield again in the playoffs.

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